EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ – Sensor Foot Up automatically raises and lowers presser foot to four positions, including Sensor Foot Extra Lift for maximum space to slide fabrics under foot. Sensor Foot Pivot senses the fabric thickness when stopping with needle down to raise foot to float position for pivoting. The Sensor Foot Pressure automatically adjusts for any fabric thickness for perfect even feeding.
EXCLUSIVE SEWING ADVISOR® – Sets the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension (model 875 Quilt) and
sewing speed. Simply enter the type and weight of the fabric you are sewing and the technique you want to sew, the best stitch and settings are displayed in text (model 875 Quilt, 855) on the GraphicDisplay. The recommended presser foot, thread tension, (model 855, 835) and needle size and type are shown.
EXTENDED SEWING SURFACE – More sewing and fabric space than ever before. Huge sewing area from the machine side
to the needle measures 250mm (almost 10”). For easy sewing of small projects and circular techniques, the needle is positioned close to the end of the long free arm.
GRAPHICDISPLAY – All the sewing information you need to sew is displayed on the GraphicDisplay. See the stitch and any adjustments made to it in actual size before you sew. Adjust GraphicDisplay contrast in the SET menu.
DUAL LIGHTS – Two lights illuminate the needle area and Extended Sewing Surface to make sewing easy and to eliminate eye strain.
EXTENDED DUAL STITCH PLATE GUIDE LINES – Sew from the left or the right of the needle – the stitch plate has extended guide lines to 40mm (1 5/8”) on both sides of the needle.
PERFECTLY BALANCED BUTTONHOLES (PBB) – Sews both sides of the buttonhole in the same direction for even balanced buttonholes. There are seven buttonhole styles and an eyelet designed for various sewing applications. The Exclusive
SEWING ADVISOR® feature will select the best buttonhole for your fabric type and weight.


EXCLUSIVE SENSOR ONE-STEP BUTTONHOLE FOOT – Sew perfect one-step buttonholes every time.
SNAP-ON PRESSER FEET – Make it easy to sew special sewing techniques.
– Many stitches and alphabet styles to choose from for endless creative opportunities.
JAM-PROOF ROTARY HOOK, PERMANENTLY LUBRICATED – Threads float around bobbin area for jam-free sewing. No oiling means no stains on your fabric.
BUILT-IN NEEDLE THREADER – Makes threading so easy. Avoids eye strain.
PROGRAM STITCHES, LETTERS AND NUMBERS to label and date, personalize and create.
SAPPHIRE™ 875 Quilt sewing machine features 20
SAPPHIRE™ 835 sewing machine features 10
PERMANENT MEMORIES, each memory saves up to 40 stitches or letters.
SAVE TO “MY STITCHES” – Personal menu to save personal stitch/letter settings and programs.
PROGRAMMABLE ALPHABET FONTS – Block, Brush Line, Script, Cyrillic and Hiragana on SAPPHIRE™ 875 Quilt sewing machine, Block, Brush Line, Cyrillic and Hiragana on SAPPHIRE™ 855 sewing machine, Block, Cyrillic and Hiragana on SAPPHIRE™ 835 sewing machine. Create quilt labels or personalize your project
with up to 7mm wide letters. 29 NEEDLE POSITIONS – Sews a straight stitch in 29 different needle positions for perfect top stitching, edge stitching, under stitching, stitching-in-the-ditch, or quilting.


FIX FUNCTION – Locks your stitch at the beginning and/ or at the end of your sewing. Select or program FIX to stop sewing and tie off stitches instantly.
STOP FUNCTION – Lets you finish and tie off stitch and/ or stitch program automatically.
INSTANT AND PERMANENT REVERSE – To secure a seam and for mending. Sew all stitches in permanent reverse. Great for quilting or home decorating projects.
BOBBIN WINDS FROM THE NEEDLE – No need to unthread the machine.
AUTOMATIC BOBBIN THREAD PICK UP – Brings the bobbin thread up automatically.
THREE THREAD CUTTERS – Located at the bobbin winder, at the bobbin case for Auto Thread Pick up, and convenient to the needle for top and bobbin thread trims.
ACCESSORY BOX AND FLAT BED EXTENSION – Stores bobbins, accessory feet, needles and more at
your fingertips.
NEEDLE STOP UP/DOWN WITH LED – Set the needle to stop up or down. LED light displays the setting. Or simply tap the foot control to raise or lower the needle.
TWO BUILT-IN SPOOL PINS – Horizontal and vertical thread delivery for twin needle sewing, speciality sewing and top stitching techniques.


ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL – Full piercing power at any sewing speed.
MIRROR SIDE-TO-SIDE – With Mirror your selected stitch for design opportunities and greater sewing ease.
EASY TOUCH STITCH SELECTION – Select the stitch by touching the stitch picture or the number of the stitch or scroll through menus and stitches with Navigator Arrows. Stitch comes up at recommended settings. Adjust length from 0 to 6 and stitch width from 0 to 7mm.
SET MENU – Change preset machine settings, make manual adjustments to automatic functions and set personal
FREE MOTION WITH ANY STITCH – Choose Free Motion Floating or Free Motion Spring Action from the SET Menu for easy quilting and beautiful free motion embroidery using any stitch you choose.
TWIN NEEDLE SAFETY – Enter the size of the twin needle being used to automatically limit the stitch width and prevent needle breakage.
STITCH WIDTH SAFETY – Select the Stitch Width Safety to eliminate needle breakage with straight stitch accessories.
SEW ON BUTTON PROGRAM – Set the number of stitches to sew on a button.
12 LANGUAGES – Choose from 12 different languages including English, French and Spanish in the SET menu.