Juki DSU-145-7

Juki DSU-145-7 Overview

Juki’s DSU series sewing machines smoothly sew tubular materials such as bags and shoes, demonstrating outstanding capabilities when sewing small-diameter sections. This machine demonstrates consistent sewing performance at a high speed and is excellent for sewing sharp curves.

Juki DSU-145-7 Specification

  • Max. Sewing Speed: 2,000 RPM
  • Max. Stitch Length: 6mm
  • Needle Bar Stroke: 37mm
  • Cylinder Bed Diameter: 50mm
  • Distance from Needle to Machine Arm: 270mm
  • Weight of Machine Head:
    • DSU-145: 36Kg
    • DSU-145-7: 39Kg
  • Power Requirement: DSU-145-7 (only) Single-Phase 100~120V, 220~240V; 3-Phase 200~240V