Generous capability
large extended sewing surfaCe – sew large quilts, home dec projects, and garments easily
• New Swedish design provides the optimalsewing surface
• Longest free arm for ease of sewing large eMBroiDery area – Create and embroider designs larger than ever before
• Large embroidery area and many hoops available
• Use hoop sizes up to 360 x 200 mm on
Designer Topaz™ 30
• Use hoop sizes up to 260 x 200 mm on
Designer Topaz™ 20
Designs included– start embroidering beautiful designs immediately!
• Designer Topaz™ 30 has 100 designs
included on the USB embroidery Stick and on embroidery Collection CD
• Designer Topaz™ 20 has 75 included on the USB embroidery Stick and on embroidery Collection CD
Utility, specialty stitches, and alphabets
– select the exact stitch for every technique and endless creative opportunities
• Hundreds of stitches
• 5 alphabet styles to choose from on the
Designer Topaz™ 30 and 3 alphabet styles
on Designer Topaz™ 20
• Unlimited fonts with 4D™ qucikfront

Joyful convenience
Exclusive sensor system™
– automatically and continuously adjusts to any fabric thickness for perfect, even feeding exclusive sensor Foot lift
• presser foot lowers and raises automatically for every sewing technique
• Four positions: down, pivot, up, extra lift
• The extra lift position of the exclusive Sensor
Foot Lift automatically lowers feed teeth for maximum space to slide thick and heavy quilts and fabric under the foot easily
• Your hands are free to guide fabric exclusive sensor Foot pivot
• Stop with needle down, foot senses thickness of fabric
• raise to floating position for instant pivoting, easy appliqué and quilting.
exclusive sensor Foot pressure
• automatically and continuously senses the fabric thickness and adjusts as you sew for perfect even feed
Exclusive sewing advisor™ – enter the type of fabric and the sewing technique and the
• Sets the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension, presser foot pressure and sewing speed at the touch of a button
• Best stitch is displayed with the recommended presser foot and needle size and type on the graphicDisplay
Husqvarna viking® usb embroidery
stick – save thousands of designs on the large memory usB embroidery stick
• 1gB HUSQvarNa vikiNg® USB embroidery Stick included with your Designer Topaz™
• Conveniently transfer your designs to and from your computer and your Designer Topaz™
TiMe-saving innovaTion
4D™ organizer – view, organize and work with your embroideries and pictures
• Communicate from your pC to DeSigNer Topaz™ sewing machine
• organize your designs, add trim commands, create image files, print catalogs and more
4D™ QuiCKFonT – embroider unlimited font styles
• Create an embroidery font from any true type font on your computer
Automatic jump stitch trim
(Designer Topaz ™ 30) – eliminate trimming time as you create beautiful embroideries
• Cuts your embroidery jump stitches automatically
• pulls the thread tail to the wrong side of the fabric for quick finishing
More FeaTures
graphicdisplay – see the stitch and any adjustments in actual size before you sew
• all the sewing information you need to sew is displayed
• adjust graphicDisplay contrast in the SeT Menu


Design eDiTing – Customize your designs on-screen with just a touch
• Mirror, rotate, and scale designs to suit your needs
• Cancel color stops to sew one color and toneon- tone embroideries
Hoops inCluDeD – Create beautiful embroideries immediately in a variety of sizes
• included with the DeSigNer Topaz™ 30:
DeSigNer™ royal Hoop (360 x 200 mm)
DeSigNer™ Splendid Square Hoop (120 x 120 mm)
• included with the DeSigNer Topaz™ 20:
DeSigNer™ Crown Hoop (260 x 200 mm)
DeSigNer™ Splendid Square Hoop (120 x 120 mm)
Many optional embroidery hoops available seleCTive THreaD CuTTer
(Designer Topaz ™ 30) – no need for scissors!
• one touch instantly cuts the top and bobbin threads underneath your fabric
• automatically raises the presser foot and the needle
• in embroidery it cuts the top thread between color changes, at jump stitches and cuts top and bottom thread at the end.
Separate bobbin winding motor
(Designer Topaz ™ 30) – saves time by winding bobbins as you sew or embroider
• Bobbin can be wound from needle
• No need to unthread and rethread to wind a bobbin
Dual ligHTs – easy to see any color fabric or
thread at any time of day
• Two lights illuminate the needle area and
extended Sewing Surface to make sewing easy
• eliminates eye strain


Extended dual stitch plate guide
lines – sew accurately from the left or the right of the needle
• Has extended guide lines up to 40 mm (1 5/8”) on both sides of the needle
Electronic self-adjusting thread
Tension – Beautiful stitches for any fabric or technique with no guesswork
• Best thread tension is set automatically for all sewing techniques
• override automatic tension easily for specialty techniques
BoBBin THreaD sensor – stops sewing and alerts you when the bobbin thread runs out
• No need to check bobbin thread when sewing or embroidering
Perfectly balanced buttonholes(PBB)
– Beautiful professional buttonholes
• Sews both sides of the buttonhole in the same direction for even, balanced buttonholes
• Seven buttonhole styles and an eyelet designed for various sewing applications
• exclusive SewiNg aDviSor™ selects the best buttonhole for your fabric type and weight
Exclusive sensor one-step
Buttonhole FooT – automatically sews buttonholes the perfect size for your button
• Set the button size
• Measures as it sews
• Sews perfect one-step buttonholes every time