Singer Steam Ironing Press

Singer Steam Ironing Press Overview

A Singer Ironing Press Can Save You Hours of Ironing Time

  • Less Stress – Less Tiring: You can sit down to do the pressing
  • Professional Results in Half the Time: Saves effort, energy and money
  • Easy and Safe to Use: Steam or dry, safety cutoffs and wide opening jaws

Guide to pressing different items……………..
Denim jeans – Steam and press both sides in one action
T-Shirts – Front and back pressed in one action
Shirts – Gives a truly laundered finish. No pinch at the collar points

Trousers – No shine on the fabric, plus a sharp crease
Children’s Clothes – Quick and easy
Sheets – Fold and press 8 layers in one action
Pillowcases – Press two at a time
Jumpers and knitwear – Gently steam without bringing the top fully down.