JUKI LH-4168 and LH-4188

JUKI LH-4168 and LH-4188 Overview

The adoption of a direct-drive method enables the machine to start up immediately and stop with increased accuracy, demonstrating excellent responsiveness.

The machine comes provided with a newly developed separately driven needle bar mechanism. The mechanism enables the consistent changeover of needle bar operation without fail, contributing to improved operability at corner sections of the material.

JUKI LH-4168 and LH-4188 Feature

Model name LH-4168-7 LH-4188-7 (large hooks)
Application Light- to heavy-weight Medium- to heavy-weight
S: Medium-weight, G: Jeans and heavy-weight
Max. sewing speed 3,200rpm
Max. stitch length 5mm
Needle gauge 4.0~25.4mm (5/32″~1″)
Presser foot By knee: 12mm, By knee with wiper: 9mm
Needle S: DP×5 (#14) #9~#16
G: DP×5 (#21) #16~#22