JUK Button Sewer LK-1903A

JUK Button Sewer LK-1903A Overview

With our original horizontal forced feed mechanism, the button carrier sets a button in position so that the operation is simplified. Furthermore, operator fatigue is reduced since what operator needs to do is only setting material and pressing a pedal.

JUK Button Sewer LK-1903A Feature

Model name LK-1903A LK-1903A/BR35
Max. sewing speed 2,700rpm
Button size Type: Round-shaped, flat button
Size: φ8~φ32mm
(standard φ8~φ20mm)
Type: Round-shaped,
flat button (2-holed, 4-holed)
Size: φ9~20mm
Stitch length 0.1~10mm (0.1mm step)
Lift of the work clamp Max. 13mm Max. 11mm
Number of
standard patterns
50 patterns
Number of data
that can be input
200 patterns (for up to 150 patterns, sewing data can be added)
Memory medium EEP-ROM / EP-ROM
Button feed mode Automatic feed mode,
non-feed mode,
and small-lot sewing mode
Needle DP×17 (#14)